Power and Data, A New Relationship and an Emerging Industry

What Is It?
We define the term Power & Data as the special relationship and dependency that exists between critical power and critical data. It also means the specialized field of work, an industry if you will, that provides planning, design, and construction or remodel of data centers, colocations, MDF rooms, IDF closets, any locations or areas that have computers for entering and retrieving data, and the critical power systems that feed them. If you are involved in any of those you could benefit from what follows.

Why It Makes A Difference!
As the world rapidly goes paperless and massive amounts of personal and business information is being stored electronically, the ever-present dependent relationship between power and data is more and more becoming the concern of those responsible for processing, storing, and securing data. Power & Data professionals know electrical systems, data systems, their environments, and the configuration they require to achieve maximum dependablity and operating efficiency. Achieving that results in lower cost designs and operating costs, and that's why it makes a difference.

Where Do You Learn This Specialty?
Start here by using our Terminology table and reading our informative articles. We contiually add information, mostly in the form of terminology descriptions and graphic articles. We also try to make available for easy access regulations that govern power & data projects. The best way to know when new information is available is to register so we can let you know by email.

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Unique Topics!
Most of our articles will cover information that isn't every day Power & Data kind of stuff. They will be about things that has cought many managers off guard and often at great expense. Here's a few examples that are in the works:
  1. Temporary Generator Systems vs. Permanent vs. Both
  2. Efficient, Cost Effective Data Center Cooling
  3. Proper Power & Data Configurations vs. Makeshift
  4. Managers Who Don't Have a Quality Control Process
  5. Forgetting Structural Requirements Will Bite You
  6. Nightmares Above Ceilings
  7. Impact of Existing Conditions
  8. Technical Expertiese vs. Project Management Experties
  9. Value Engineering vs. Cost Reduction
  10. Pre-Construction vs. Construction
  11. Low Bid vs. Best Value
  12. Who Should Be First In - Architect or Construction Manager
  13. Standby Power Just for Data vs. Whole Facility
  14. Load Study vs. Load Bank Study
  15. Upgrades vs. Downgrades
Why Should You Be Concerned!
As the world becomes more and more computer/data driven the need for data centers continues to grow. Along with that, as technology changes, the need to upgraded them grows. In turn more and more of us will need to know more and more in order to properly manage the growing network of manufacturers, distributers, engineers, installers, users, etc. required to keep Power & Data systems working together continuously, efficiently, and dependably.

Data Center Cooling
Are You Pressured To Bypass Proper Research & Planning?
Much of the work I do these days involves the design and construction of power and data remodel projects in congested areas of existing buildings. In doing so I always fall back on one of the biggest lessons I learned years ago while going through the school of hard knocks. It's that "final project cost is always less if you know what you're getting into before you get into it". In other words, don't start design until a program on which design will be based is agreed to and don't prepare a program until the existing conditions have been thoroughly investigated. We call that investigation Due Diligence and firmly believe it's a must. In most cases I've seen not doing this result in some degree of re-researching, re-designing, delays, cost overruns, bitter relationships, and sometimes embarrassment and dismissal of the owners manager in charge. Over time we hope to convince you of that with the information that is now or will become available on this website. To make sure you always get the latest information consider registering!

How Power & Data Qualified Are You?
Here's a test question: How does a solenoid increase the electric bill for almost every facility (and home)? If you don't know you are not as qualified as you might think.

We found that there are a lot of knowledgeable equipment sales people, engineers, electricians, and IT professionals out there, but very few that have the ability to pull a well thought through Power & Data package together in a cost effective and timely manner. Bottom line is they each tend to see themselves as no more than a piece of a puzzle and they like it that way (less to have to know and less to be accountable for). Unfortunately we've seen a lot of these well meaning people managing these projects that don't have enough Power & Data knowledge and understanding to get it right - the first time!

A common scenario is front-end/initial point of sale person trying to manage a complex engineering and installation process that is beyond their expertise - both technically and managerially. An example might be a person or company who specializes in the sale of generators or UPSs. They often agree to manage the design, permiting, and installation work in order to close the deal on the sale. After all, that's where the real money is for them.

So the question remains, how Power & Data qualified are you? Are you one of those people who is successful because you don't think you know enough and are constantly seeking more knowledge. Or, are you one of those people who is constantly fighting up-hill battles because you think you know enough, but really don't. If you are either one you should register now!

RACF’s Tony Chan (right) reviews schematics with Dennis Danseglio of F&O’s Modernization Project Office in one of the Lab’s existing data centers.
True Power & Data Professional!
True Power & Data professionals save customers, or themselves if they are the owner or facilities manager, a lot of money and time by making knowledge based decisions and following a strict project process that prevents wasted efforts and costs. They have a good understanding of Power & Data, know what to look for, and know what to expect. If you want more control and don't want to be just a piece of the puzzle, if you want to be a Power & Data professional, use this website!

Organizations That Support the Power & Data Industry!
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