Greg Kulda

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Project Experience

Greg has over 30 years of experience involving most aspects of pre-construction and construction. During that time he managed projects for four different international firms (SAE|Continental Heller, Dillingham, Heery International, and VisionMaker). His projects ranged from a Target retail store in Northern California to one of the largest medical center projects in the Los Angeles area to a two hundred acre leisure and entertainment resort in Moscow, Russia. You can see some of the projects to the right.

Customer Benefits

As construction manager, Greg saved over $15 million for the Providence Health System by turning around 17 of their capital projects with a construction value of over a half billion in today's construction dollars. There he also developed and guided the Best Value contractor procurement system as well as the construction management team that won the 2005 national CMAA award for excellence in construction management.

Greg has saved large sums of money for customers in other ways as well. Over $2 million for Mission Hospital by negotiating claims and avoiding litigation. He saved the University of California, Irvine $5 million by contributing cost saving building standards and designs that improved form, function, and safety. He saved many others significant sums through his cost reduction and value engineering efforts.

Additionally, with his detailed knowledge of the design process and design deliverables, and his aggressive proactive design review process he has averted numerous design delays and related cost overruns.

Design-Build Successes

While at Dillingham, Greg managed the first two design-build projects that the University of California (statewide) had ever awarded. They were so successful that he was asked to speak at the University of California, Irvine's design-build symposium and later was asked to advise the University of California's Office of the President.


His building expertise includes strategic planning, capital program management, construction management, design management, troubled project turnaround, troubled project takeover, contracts, constructability reviews, commissioning, and government agency relations.

When the economy started crashing around 2006 and most of the new large scale projects that Greg normally managed were shelved, he noticed that commercial and industrial owners were starting to redirect some of their capital to remodels, upgrades, and consolidation. Within that sector he saw a that, while the economic depression was persisting, power and data related work was still growing. It appeared that in their own effort to adjust to the new economy, businesses were rethinking their standby/emergency power and data configurations and trying to take advantage of much reduced construction costs at the same time. That seemed to be where the opportunity was, so that's the direction he headed.

In particular, to save time and money, owners and contractors were starting to use un-licensed draftsman to prepare construction documents where allowable by governing agencies. As it turned out a significant amount of electrical and low voltage design work does not require a licensed electrical engineer in order to obtain a permit. So, falling back on his design-build experience, he dove head first into the pre-construction side of the power and data industry. He started by learning Autodesk's revolutionary CAD/BIM software called Revit and mastered both 2D and 3D drafting and rendering. He also established relationships with licensed architects and engineers for when needed. Bottom line, his approach is less expensive and can get done faster.

Focusing on power and data lead Greg to remote generator monitoring and utility power monitoring via cellular and satellite communications, where he is currently establishing a global presence. His service not only provides the equipment, but also the necessary expertise, site research, planning, configuration, drawings, and installation instructions.

Get It Right The First Time

Greg’s ‘get it right the first time’ attitude rubs off on his clients. He has shown customers how a little extra time up front can save time, money, and headache down the line. To ensure quality and completeness Greg does all the drafting himself. His process is proven as evidenced by the impressive number of submittals to the State of California's Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) that have been approve first time through.


Information Website

While pushing through the power and data learning curve, Greg found that the industry lacked a single source for power and data information. As a result, in January 2014, he launched this website,, that is dedicated to power and data information gathering, clarifying, and standardizing. The site is driven by its Knowledge Center that includes articles published monthly, terminology definitions, easy-to-lookup regulations, downloadable charts and codes, and "how to" instructions. He encourages feedback on everything he publishes.


Other Successes

In his spare time over the years Greg achieved other successes. He took over a friends steel tubing business and guided it out of bankruptcy, which included negotiating directly with applicable government agencies. He also managed his father's small aerospace consulting business for five years and maintained a secret security clearance during that time.

Goal Driven

Greg has always built his successes on a strong commitment to customer success. He is known for being hard driving and schedule conscious, yet politically sensitive. He's also known for his ability to help people and their projects overcome difficult challenges and achieve high goals.

Community service has always been a big part of Greg's time away from work. After graduating from college Greg coached high school football at the varsity level for five years at a nationally ranked football program. He has volunteered hundreds of hours to the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) and other local soccer organizations. He's a certified Advanced Coach and Advanced Referee, and is also a USSF (US Soccer) certified coach. Greg is also a certified Referee Instructor and has trained hundreds of referees. He has coached and refereed hundreds of kids and games and is still very active.

Greg has a degree in liberal arts from San Diego State University and has had his general engineering and general building contractors licenses for over 30 years.

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