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I think Eric Schmidt , executive chairman of Google, in his 2009 University of Pennsylvania Commencement Address, put it best when he said “None of us is as smart as all of us.” There are so many of you around the world with great power & data knowledge. The challenge we’ve been having is getting our hands on it. We believe the community based approach to this website will make that much easier for everyone.

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Resources are limited. Don’t get us wrong, Google found us some information, we just found it difficult and very time consuming at times to find everything we needed on the internet. On top of that we were never able to find a single source or even a few sources on the web that could be relied on to quickly get a lot of power and data information for commercial and industrial purposes. Engineers and specialty contractors either don’t have the time to explain things or they want a lot of money to do it. In this economy, that’s difficult to afford.

Demand is growing. The need for data storage and data servers is growing at an unbelievable rate. To keep up, data storage and server technology is changing rapidly as well. There are now thousands upon thousands of hard working, fast moving people who design and construct the data centers that house the technology and the standby/emergency/back-up power systems that prevent down time and lost data. Those people need a way to find power and data information, be alerted of changes, and kept informed.

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Eric Schmidt also said in his Commencement Address that “Success is really about being ready for the good opportunities that come before you.” There are several objectives that we intend to achieve. 1.) Develop a source of power and data information that can be accessed quickly so you can be ready for the next opportunity when it comes. 2.) Have a platform for healthy debate in an effort to clarify power and data information. 3.) Have a platform to standardize power and data terminology, power and data communication styles (written, drafted, and spoken), and power and data means and methods.

Well, we want to make it fun and stimulating so here’s what we are doing:

  • Building Databases: We will continually add to the databases in the Power & Data Knowledge Center (Terminology, Regulations, and other categories as needed). We will also provide information via blogs regularly. To make it easier to keep up, if you choose to subscribe, you will automatically be notified when new information and publications are posted.
  • Your CommentsIn the comments section under the posts, we ask and challenge you to comment, add-to, criticize, compliment, clarify, etc. That way everyone can learn from you. Try to write clear and concise explanations, and please keep it professional.
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  • Your ContributionsUsing the Contact Us page we urge you to send us articles you’ve written, articles you recommend, topics you would like us to touch on, news, terms and definitions, unique and/or challenging designs and engineering, and even your ideas on how to improve the Power & Data Knowledge Center.
  • Your BrainOk, we admit it. We like your brain. Just by the fact that you are reading this means it’s powerful; there is a lot in there that could help others be successful. We would like to extract a copy of what you know and input it here for the world to find and benefit from. Hope you don’t mind.


My career in the building industry (Greg’s bio) has been wonderful and includes many successes. Those successes however were in large part a result of many very kind people sharing their design and construction knowledge with me. Of those I prospered most from the ones that enjoyed healthy debate, sometimes over the smallest of issues, in an effort to think everything through to the fullest with the intent of getting the job done right the first time. Everyone involved benefited.


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Those are the famous words of my good friend and colleague Ray Juncosa, Vise President at Heery International. Of all the great professionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with he definitely is the best at trading information. We worked out numerous, sometimes career threatening issues by talking through and often debating them – sometimes for hours. Our sessions almost always started with an outpouring of information Ray would call a “mind dump”. Once that was done there was no turning back. The gears wound up and the mental synergy went into overdrive! That is what we expect to happen via this website.

We really hope you will share a bit of your knowledge and participate in POWERandDATA.info! If you’re inclined, use the Contact Us form and send us a “mind dump”. Oh, and don’t forget to Register.


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