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Design Drawings, Drafting, Due Diligence, and Programming by Power & Data

What We Do

We prepare permit ready, biddable, and constructible plans and specifications for small commercial projects. A lot of our work is for data centers and health care facilities. Much of it is generator, UPS, automatic transfer switch, electrical panel, and everything inbetween intensive. We also do the design work for our proprietary generator monitoring and power monitoring telemetry systems. If a facility diagram is required for your SPCC Plan, we do those too. A more comprehensive list of what we do is at the bottom of this page.

Getting It Right The First Time

Our objective is "getting it right the first time". Getting your permits and construction done quickly and correctly requires quality and complete construction drawings. We get that done fast by first clearly understanding the scope and collecting all the necessary information, which includes accurate as-built construction drawings.

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3D Renderings

How We Succeed For You

With thorough research most issues are discovered during the preconstruction process instead of during the construction process where delays and added costs occur. To do that we start with the standard up front tasks such as visiting your site, discussing your needs, taking necessary dimensions and photographs, and borrowing your as-built drawings for required reference. If you don't have as-builts, we'll draw whatever portions are necessary to get the job done.

More importantly though, quality and fast construction starts with quality and complete drawings. To accomplish that we go a step further than most and check our drawings against existing conditions to make sure they'll work.

The Process

» This is an example of a low cost approach to a typical new generator installation.
  1. Information Gathering:
    You email the following to Power & Data:
    1. As-built drawings or dimensioned sketches of existing conditions.
    2. Photos of existing conditions.
    3. Sketches or mark-up of proposed work.
    4. Equipment product data and cut sheets.
    5. Other pertinent information.
  2. Drawing Preparation:
    Power & Data will prepare the following minimum sheets:
    1. Cover Sheet.
    2. General Notes.
    3. Conduit Routing Plan.
    4. Single Line Diagram.
    5. Details, including equipment information.
    6. Structural Drawing and Notes (if required).
  3. Review & Refine:
    1. Power & Data will email you an editable PDF of all sheets.
    2. You review, markup, and email back PDF.
    3. Joint review in person or by phone.
    4. Power & Data makes corrections.
    5. Additional reviews and corrections if necessary.
  4. Submit to Agency:
    1. You submit to applicable agencies.
    2. Power & Data makes agency requested changes.
    3. Permit issued.

3D Autodesk Revit

We use Autodesk's next generation CAD/BIM software, Revit (not AutoCad). With Revit, it's just as easy to draw in 3D as it is to draw in 2d, so we do whenever possible. 3D drawings allow you to see what will fit or why it won't. That saves a lot of costly construction delays and design redraws caused by discovering issues after construction starts.

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Electric Rooms and Generator Facilities
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Accent Lighting Design

Cost Savings

We can do your job better and faster for much less because this type of work is "what we do". We are not an engineering firm so we don't charge what engineering firms do. A lot of remodel work doesn't require a licensed engineer's stamp in order to get a permit, so we don't recommend the added expense when it's not necessary. If a licensed engineer or architect is required, we have some good ones that work with us for a small fee.

Need To Outsource?

With Revit we will get the job done. What ever the job calls for - plans, specs, 2D, 3D, modeling, renderings, BIM, single lines, PIDs, etc. - we'll deliver.

Here's A More Detailed List Of What We Will Do For You:

  1. Small Commercial Remodels
  2. Generator Facilities
  3. Electrical Remodels
  4. Data Centers
  5. Cell Sites
  1. Due Diligence
  2. Programming
  3. Construction Permit/Bid Drawings
  4. Single line diagrams
  5. Structural Drawings
  6. Coordination Drawings
  7. Conduit Routing Drawings
  8. ReDraw As-Built Drawings and Revise to Show Proposed Remodel Work
  9. Lighting Design
  10. Accent Lighting Design
  11. 3D Renderings
  12. Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  13. OSHPD Approvals
  14. OSPs (OSHPD Special Seismic Certification Preapproval)
  15. OPAs (OSHPD Preapproval of Anchorage)
  1. As-built Drawings
  2. Re-Draw and Update Existing As-Built Drawings
  1. Generator Monitoring
  2. Power Monitoring
  3. Load Studies
  4. Load Study Analysis
  5. Load Bank Studies
  6. Full Mains Failure Test (simulated utility shutdown)
  7. EPA Compliance Assessments for Generators
  8. SPCC Plans
  9. SPCC Compliance Assessments


For a quote or just to discuss call Greg at 714-244-6989 or use Contact Us to email him.

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